“We couldn’t have had a better experience than we did with Christy as our tutor for a week in Isla Mujeres. She was able to connect with our 13 year old in a way that made Spanish immersion fun and engaging, and balanced that in a combined class with an adult learner, covering what we both needed.  Christy customized the experience by getting my daughter out of the classroom, and introducing her to locals who helped her experience the language in the real world. My daughter came away from the experience feeling like she’d had a inspiring break-through in her language experience. Christy also got our daughter caught up on the grammar she needed, while greatly building her speaking confidence. The language teacher at her school noticed the improvements as soon as she returned from vacation. I hesitated working with a non-native speaker, but realized after our top-quality week of instruction, that that doesn’t matter with as professional and knowledgeable a teacher as Christy. My daughter and I would never hesitate recommending Christy, and hope to visit Isla again so we can continue our studies with her.”


“Simply put, Christy is a great teacher.  She is flexible, fun, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with. I felt very comfortable with her and, even during times I didn’t practice or study a great deal, I always felt like I came away from our sessions with more knowledge and a stronger ability to communicate in Spanish.  She was supportive and eager to help not only with learning the language but also with information about the culture, which made for a much richer learning environment.  Additionally, I had very specific needs and she was happy to structure our lessons to encompass them while still giving me a solid base that would carry me through a multitude of situations.
Anyone who wants to learn a little or a lot, basic conversation to more advanced principles of Spanish, would do very well to see Christy.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“For those of you who really want to learn the Spanish Language in a fun, informal atmosphere, I would highly recommend Christy Dix. I feel pretty good about the progress I have been making under her teaching and appreciate going home wanting to re-visit what we’ve covered in the class. If I can learn, so can you! Give her a try and you will see what I am talking about. I can also attest to Christy’s wonderful teaching skills! She has helped me in many social settings and given me quick 30 second classes! Phenomenal teacher and great understanding of the Spanish language!”


“I took two weeks of private classes with Christy during a recent Isla Mujeres vacation. We met for two hours a day. Christy was always well prepared for our lessons. She has an excellent grasp of foreign language teaching methods. As someone who already spoke at an intermediate to advanced conversational level, I needed a review of grammar and vocabulary building. Christy knew all the problem areas most non-native speakers face in learning grammar and shared fun, readily understandable ways to learn. I recommend her highly if you want to learn Spanish, and suspect she’d be great for beginners too.”


“I was lucky enough to spend the entire month of February in Isla Mujeres where Christy worked with me almost every day. Studying Spanish with Christy was more than helpful, it was FUN! The combination of her knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm were a perfect fit. She is an excellent teacher who has given me both the tools and the confidence to I agree with this testimonial, Christy. While I am excited to continue my studies here at home, I already find my brain trying to scheme on a way to get back down to Isla and work with Christy some more.”

“Thanks for your leadership of the Conversation Group and for your kindness in giving me the introductory private lesson. I have enthusiastically recommended you to others on the island who are eager to learn Spanish.”


“Christy is a wonderful teacher. She is knowledgeable and had a way of knowing just what to teach me to improve my Spanish. She is an experienced teacher with a personality that put me at ease about learning and speaking a new language. I would recommend Christy to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish! I took private Spanish lessons with Christy for 8 months while living in Mexico. Christy is a very thoughtful, detail oriented language teacher. I learned an incredible amount of Spanish with Christy’s help and was able to improve my conversational skills immensely!! During the “conversation practice” part of our lessons, Christy listened for the areas I struggled with and centered each of our lessons on my weaknesses. We played games, did worksheets, and even read a book together, which I loved! Christy was also very open to study whatever I felt I needed to review or practice. What I truly appreciated about Christy’s teaching is that I never felt silly or timid when talking with her in Spanish. She easily created a teaching environment that was fun, lighthearted, and often full of laughter. I highly recommend Christy to anyone who is looking to improve their Spanish skills from beginners to advanced learners. She’s honestly gifted in teaching Spanish!”


“When we started the lessons with Christy we had little knowledge of Spanish, which made our travels in Latin America quite difficult. After 4 weeks with Christy she taught us enough Spanish that we now feel confident to handle any situation we might encounter on our ways. She quickly grasped that we only wanted to learn “traveller’s Spanish” and built the lessons around the various situations we might find ourselves in like hostels, buses, taxis, and of course how best to haggle! Thanks a lot Christy!!”


“I recently spent September in Isla Mujeres and had the pleasure of working with Christy. I am a beginner so I was a little apprehensive about taking lessons, but Christy put me at ease immediately. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She gave me a great foundation and was very practical in her approach. I highly recommend her and encourage you to schedule some time with her when you’re on the island.”


“I spent 5 days in Isla Mujeres relaxing, swimming, enjoying the sun and speaking Spanish! Though here only a short time, I wanted to practice speaking the language and continue to improve my language skills; however I did not want the pressure of sitting in a classroom working on grammar during my vacation. I wanted to learn and speak in an everyday situation. I contacted Christy Dix a Spanish teacher living on the island, we meet over coffee in a terrific cafe while we worked on conversational spanish. Christy helped me increase my confidence in my oral ability and to feel less self conscious in communicating with the locals while in Mexico.”


“I have been studying Spanish pretty seriously for the last year and a half and with a number of different one-on-one teachers in Colorado, where I primarily reside. I was going to be on Isla Mujeres for 5 weeks and wanted to continue with my studies during this stay. Christy was recommended to me by several friends on the island, so I contacted her. I worked with Christy on a one-to-one basis during my stay on Isla and all I can say is WOW! Her teaching method, personal demeanor and willingness to develop a program that was geared to my specific needs were incredible! Plus, she was very flexible in working with my crazy schedule. Thanks to Christy, my Spanish is much better and when I return to Isla, I will continue my studies with her!”

“I like Christy’s style of teaching. It’s very relaxed. It’s structured in a way that is easy to grasp and retain. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn Spanish or anyone who needs to brush up on it.”


“Christy makes her Spanish classes more than just a learning experience for her students. Christy creates a safe, fun environment to learn and share with others with similar Spanish speaking skills. I look forward to taking more lessons from Christy and actually empowering myself to use what I have learned.”


“It was such a pleasure to have Christy as a teacher for our Spanish class. Having the handouts and able to actually write the exercises is such a good way for me to learn. Using the dry erase board was also helpful; being able to see the words and phrases spelled out was helpful with pronunciation. I have so much in my head right now that I want to go right out and start practicing. I know that will be the key in learning. Thanks again.”


“I really enjoyed my classes with you and liked the format of the different exercises. You are a great teacher. My comprehension and ability to converse had improved so much this week. Looking forward to seeing you on Skype. If you are ready to get serious about improving your Spanish, this is the place. Christy knows her stuff and takes time to explain. Well worth the effort put into it!”


“I have been studying Spanish privately with Christy both on Isla Mujeres and via Skype for over one year now. She knows my strengths and weaknesses as a student and teaches in a way that will best serve my abilities. We start every class with a conversation in Spanish, utilizing the vocabulary and tenses we have covered. Each time I return to the island, my Mexican friends notice a definite improvement in my Spanish. After only one year of working with Christy, I’ve learned a lot!”


“My wife and I have been taking Spanish classes with Christy on and off for 2 years! Christy’s style of teaching is super relaxed and fun! She always makes you feel comfortable while challenging you! The best part of her style of teaching is that it is not straight from the textbook but rather pertinent to where you’re at in your language skills and your life; she may teach you phrases that will help you on vacation or in your line of work. Learning Spanish is not just good for the brain but helps you connect with so many more people! Gracias, maestra!”


“A trip to the magical island is not complete without a Spanish lesson with Christy… my grandkids and I have gone several times… not only do we do we brush up on our Spanish we get a lot of wonderful information about the island itself.”


“I loved my classes with Christy Dix! They were not only fun, and engaging, but there were tailored to learn what was really important to your day-to-day life. Her teachings are easy to follow, and full of encouragement. Plus, you can meet some pretty fun people in class too!”


“Christy’s lessons are geared to each individual’s needs. Even in a small group class, I always felt that I was able to get something new as she was able to bring everyone along at their own pace. Christy also helped me plan and practice for important conversations with my landlord and others where I needed to make sure I had the vocabulary to be successful.”